Sound Attenuators

Al Samah’s Sound Attenuators are the best and reliable answer to reduce all the noise produced by the Fans/Propeller used in the HVAC systems to the amount of work they do to move the air, much of the noise is generated by the fluctuating of radiated pressure and these waves are distributed approximately equally in all directions, causing “Duct born noise” and “Breakout” or “Flaking noise”.

Our Sound attenuator (Silencer) are carefully designed to combat noise problems. Galvanized steel outer casing of the silencer is designed as per “ASHRAE” guide, perforated baffles is filled with an odorless, incombustible vermin proof and moisture proof inorganic sound absorbing material. Aerodynamically shaped sound attenuation splitter reduces drag by 30% which results in greater energy savings.

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